Horse Racing Betting Secret Systems – Punting Tips You Take To The Bank

Horse Racing Betting Secret Systems: Let’s face it, making money with horse bet racing is tough. Trying to beat the bookies is a scam, they collect all of the betting money from punters, and then drop the odds off the map seconds before the race starts, leaving you and every other punter out there “hung out to dry”, even if you picked the winner. However, there are still so many proven ways to take consistent winnings with the proper horse racing betting system.

Horse Racing Betting Secret Systems

The truth is that 95% of all punters do not make any winnings consistently. This is not because they don’t want to win or are not putting enough effort into their selection processes, but more often than not, this is because the horse racing betting system they use themselves is weak or flawed.

There is a distinct horse betting formula that professional punters use to pull consistent, even full-time incomes from horse bet racing. Betting secrets that professionals have spent years developing as well as hiding from the general public. I am going to provide you with a basic overview of the horse betting process and some tips to get you punting with success right off the bat.

  1. This you may find pretty standard, but if you don’t know anything about horse bet racing, or reading racing forms, follow closely. Start by looking at the daily racing form. These are available at the track, a newsstand, a bookstore, or you can simply go to the internet. You are going to need to know some of the basics about reading the racing form because this can make all of the difference between a successful and unsuccessful horse betting run.

    Reading the day’s racing form gives us an overview of all of the day’s events. Which horses will be running, which jockeys will be running, who is the favourite horse before the betting can begin, what time are the races scheduled, etc? Reading the racing form is a must if you are serious about making money through horse racing betting.
  2. You want to gauge each horse in the race field to get an idea of how they have been running in their past events, this is called a horse’s “form”. Take a look at their past 3 races, how has each horse competed? What place and time did they finish? The speed figures are listed in the racing form and you can then compare a horse’s average speed and position against other horses on the racing field.

Also, take a look at the distance of the last 3 races each horse has run. How do the horse’s last race distances compare to the current day’s race? Think of it this way, let’s say a horse has done well in their last 3 races at 800 meters, maybe even finishing in the money.

Now, if the race that particular horse is running today is 1500 meters, we are going to have to be very careful in analyzing the other horses in the racing field. The change in race distance can be negative because the horse may be a better choice at its previously successful distances.

So, just because a horse has done well in their last few showings, it does not mean they are ever guaranteed to win. These are just some basic questions you need to learn the answer to before placing any wagers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que 1: Which Bet In Horse Racing Is The Wisest?

Ans: In Horse Racing Betting Secret Systems, it offers a wide variety of substitutes and bet types, the Lucky 15 is often considered one of the best bets in horse racing.

Que 2: Is Betting On Horse Risky?

Ans: When you’re prepared and too many people bet before doing much or any research, horse racing betting can be harmful. Even if luck plays a part in every race, there are steps you may do to minimize the risk.

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Horse Racing Betting Secret Systems – Punting Tips You Take to the Bankbooks to help you get started. Remember, there is no “holy grail” system that will work for everyone – so be patient and do your research before betting on any race. With a bit of practice, you should start seeing an improvement in your results and be able to take your bankroll up a notch or two. Have you tried using any racing systems? Let us know how they worked out for you in the comments below!

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