What Is A Cold Call In Poker?

What is a cold call in poker? In poker, there are a variety of terms that are specific to the game. If you’re new to poker or just want to learn more about the game, it’s important to know what these terms mean. In this blog post, we’ll discuss one of the most common terms in poker – the cold call. What is a cold call, and when should you use it? We’ll answer those questions and more in this blog post.

What Is A Cold Call In Poker?

What Is A Cold Call In Poker?

We should make sure that we comprehend what is meant when we state that a player “calls cold” before moving on to the theory. When a player decides to increase their wager after the player in the middle position raises it, it is referred to as “calling cold” if they do not have any money in the pot.

When Player A wagers the flop, Player B might raise. Cold calling would be used to characterise Player C’s call. Without making any investments on this street, they are paying off the full bet plus the raise. A call here would not be a cold call, however, if it had folded back to Player A. Since Player A placed the original wager, they obviously already have chips at risk.

Cold Calling Pros And Cons

Let’s now examine the advantages and disadvantages of calling cold in poker. Just a quick reminder that we are discussing cold calls in poker cash games rather than poker tournaments before we get started. Naturally, the strategies for the two types of poker are very distinct. In many tournament scenarios, cold calling is reasonable, particularly when an extra bet is present because it changes the pot odds.


Here are the main downsides cited by those who don’t believe in cold calling in poker:

  • You run the danger of a player in the back placing a squeeze bet and putting you in a precarious situation.
  • It is impossible to win the prize right away.
  • You entice players who are behind to place calls that might have turned into a bigger wager.
  • These pots frequently have numerous players, which reduces the equity of your own hand.


Pros of cold calling

There are some clear positives to a cold call in poker too, including the following:

  • Calling gives you some stack control, which lowers the cost of seeing a flop.
  • The size of the pot may entice feeble players who are acting after you to call with shoddy and speculative hands.
  • In the unlikely event that nobody else calls behind, you will be in position post-flop after the Small Blinds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que 1: Should You Ever Cold Call?

Ans: We would contend that there are advantages periodically making a cold call in poker cash games acceptable. However, you should only use this tactic in a handful of very particular circumstances.

Que 2: Is Making Cold Calls in Poker Bad?

Ans: A multi-way flop increases the chance that your hand will be cracked, which is the inherent danger of cold calling with a strong hand. That is never ideal.

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In certain situations, we think you can use a cold-calling poker approach. You can try cold calling if one player raises and the second one proceeds to reraise from the middle position. Because they have already placed their bets, participants in the blinds (forced bets) cannot cold call; instead, they can only call or defend.

There are three circumstances in which this contentious poker-playing tactic may prove useful. First, when you are going after weak opponents. If no one else frequently increases the stakes with a 3-bet squeeze, move on. Last but not least, playing poker in person is preferable to playing it online because players who have made the effort to travel and spend money are frequently more willing to take a chance.

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